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We are inspired by being partners with nature and have moved beyond treating nature as an instrument to our desires.

Because there is no gap between nature, our lives, and the web of all life, we have internalized in our business practices the aims of a vibrant ecosphere as our own.

Further, we recognize that each individual is their own ecosphere of body, mind, spirit and that we as individuals only achieve harmony within insofar as we achieve harmony without building sustainable communities of trust and interdependence as exemplified in all natural systems.

Our dynamism as an individual enterprise is shaped by a philosophy that is unencumbered by old models of extraction and short – term profit. Sustaining ourselves is impossible without sustaining each other and our communities in all aspects of our being, from our resources to the things we put on our bodies next to our skin every day.

We are here for the long term and base our practices on the goal of being a sustaining member of an entire community.

To quote a famous frog, we recognize that ‘it isn’t easy to be green’ for any of us.

We embrace the challenge of being a leader in combining all the aims of a company with all the aims of our nature while still maintaining the cutting edge of design for function, comfort, and beauty in our clothes.

We are Gii.

Who we are