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We guide production based on people. People both in their perfect completeness in themselves and also as beings who want to continually create who they are.

Our aim is larger than any single individual and their satisfaction.

We are committed to providing the means by which we can all flourish in nature, society, and in ourselves. Whoever we may be!

We are meant to last. And we believe our relationships and our products should be as well.

Each individual product is created with the hope that it can be a companion for a journey, not a throwaway casual relationship. Steadfast in this vision, we internalize the logic of growth as it applies to living systems, not just markets. Our clothes are designed as testaments to good design that lasts and becomes a part of our memories, a part of our identities.

The clothes we create embody this philosophy by using the most advanced technology and we temper that technology with ideals of grace, beauty, and comfort. To be graceful is at once to be functional and effortless, beautiful and strong, elegant and enduring.

And we understand there is more to beauty than clothing.

Our appearances must be supplemented with nourishment for the body and soul. This is why food and foundation work is such an integral part of what we do.

We want to inspire others to realize their dreams in non-conventional ways, because conventions that are not flexible crack and crumble.  We integrate our values into the production of our art and into the wider community work we do.

We see a perfect expression of our ideal in the combination of values we sew into every piece of our clothing, into the food we offer, and the mission of our foundation.


What we do