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Gii takes responsibility – for our company, our communities, and our common future in an ever increasingly connected and globalizing world.

We seek out partners throughout our communities who are at the cutting edge of integrating the lessons of nature with how we meet our needs to develop a sustainable model for our practices.

Biomimicry, imitating successful natural systems in how we meet our needs, is just one of the examples of how our production practices can learn from what science teaches us about our impact on the world and how to neutralize it.

We do this with passion for insuring a future worth living in.

Gii is utterly committed to inflecting our present with a consciousness of this future.

Our practices can only make sense if they will make sense to those who come after us to live in our beautiful, amazing world. To this end we insure that our supply chains integrate principles and practices of sustainability that internalize costs to the environment.

We are committed to labor practices that recognize the full humanity of who makes our excellent products. Our communities understand we are partners dedicated to flourishing together, for the long term.

At Gii, our practices begin and end with nature and a sustainable future.